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Since 1980 Schonwald Land, Inc., or a predecessor entity, has been active in the land services business.  The company has drawn on our decades of experience and expertise to solve the toughest land challenges. We invite you to find out how our sophisticated land solutions can help your land department meet its every need.

Schonwald Land, Inc. specializes in determining surface and subsurface ownership and negotiating and acquiring oil and gas leases, surface easements and subsurface easements in order to provide our clients with the ability to explore and develop natural resources. Whether you need help acquiring oil and gas leases, wind leases, pipeline right of ways or surface location damage settlements, Schonwald Land, Inc. is able to fulfill any mission.

We work throughout the United States and our main areas of focus are as follows: Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wyoming. We are, however, ready and able to carry out land-related services anywhere in the country.

We pride ourselves not only on the work that we produce, but with the relationships we have with our clients and how we conduct ourselves while working for our clients, because we take it seriously that we are representing them as well as our own company. The faith and loyalty our clients have showed us over these many years has been remarkable and very much appreciated. We truly cherish those relationships and also look forward to creating new lasting ones.

Our Values:

Core Values: Honesty. Reliability. Quality.

These three basic ideas are the founding concepts of Schonwald Land, Inc. Whether we are working with oil and gas companies, public utilities, law firms or governmental entities, we provide the land management experience necessary to ensure all of our projects are successful. Reputation is certainly one of the most, if not the most, relevant aspects of what we do.

Our Mission:

Schonwald Land’s mission is to execute projects with the highest quality of excellence and detail, establishing lasting working relationships. We believe in being honest and up-front with our clients from day one, always demanding the most from ourselves and looking for new approaches, new perspectives, and new ideas as we always strive for improvement.  In turn, every day for every project and client, we push ourselves to exceed goals, elevate service and deliver results for our clients, seeking to cultivate client relationships through quality hard work and honesty that will last for many years.


Our Leadership:


Fred Schonwald:

Fred Schonwald serves as Partner and President of Schonwald Land, Inc., and has been in the land business since 1977. He has spent his entire career in the petroleum business and is the third generation to do so. His grandfather was a mineral trader and father, an independent operator.

Mr. Schonwald graduated from the University of Texas in 1973, then spent time in Latin America before returning to Oklahoma and becoming a Landman in 1977. In 1980 he joined forces with Dale Wolf and the two have worked together since then, becoming partners in 1993. They have established a strong, reliable reputation over the past many years. Mr. Schonwald is a member of the OCAPL, AAPL and the OIPA.

Dale Wolf:

Dale Wolf serves as Partner and Vice President of Schonwald Land, Inc. After attending Oklahoma State University and University of Oklahoma, Mr. Wolf began his career in the oil and gas industry in 1979 and one year later started working with Fred Schonwald.

Mr. Wolf and Mr. Schonwald have been a team ever since, becoming full partners in 1993. Together they have assembled a group of experienced professionals within Schonwald Land, Inc. creating a culture of hard work, expertise and integrity. Many of the people who work with the company, both employees and independent contractors, have been with them for over 20 years.

Mr. Wolf’s extensive knowledge of the industry has been crucial to approaching and managing projects in the most cost-conscious and effective manner possible. Mr. Wolf is a member of the AAPL, OCAPL, FSAPL and CALA.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What Does Schonwald Land, Inc. Do?

We specialize in full-service land services including determining surface and subsurface ownership, negotiating and acquiring oil and gas leases, surface easements and subsurface easements, project management, mapping, title verification and more. We are here to assist our client in all of their needs by building honest and reliable relationships that continue to grow over time.


Where is Schonwald Land, Inc. Located?

Our main office is located in Oklahoma City, OK. We will and do, however, operate anywhere within the United States that our client needs us to. We have worked or are currently working in the following states- Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wyoming.


Who Does Schonwald Land, Inc. Work With?

Our clients include large and small oil and gas companies as well as midstream operators. We are proud to work with companies of all sizes and in all capacities, from the beginning of exploration until the final development phases.


How Can I Contact Schonwald Land, Inc.?

Just send us an email at info@schonwaldland.com or contact us at (405) 848-5185 and we will be sure to return your email or call right away!

9434 Cedar Lake Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK  73114
Phone: (405) 848-5185
Fax: (405) 842-5996
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