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From running non-producing mineral title to running the country’s most difficult HBP title, Schonwald Land, Inc. has the experienced people to accomplish these tasks.  Our title services provide the kind of accuracy that allows our clients to pursue and confirm lease agreements with confidence. Accuracy and attention to detail are our main priority.

While we always want to take the time that is required to check title accurately, we utilize online resources, imaging capabilities and many other time and money saving advantages in order to complete your project efficiently, while providing consistency and quality.  Our experienced and hard-working landmen give us an advantage over our competitors that saves our clients costly mistakes.  Our title services include:

  • Cursory Lease Checks
  • Mineral Title Research
  • Runsheet Preparation
  • Limited Abstract Preparation
  • Held-by-Production Reports
  • Surface Title Research
  • Chain of Title Breakdowns
  • Image Preparation for Title Opinion Research
  • Title Curative


At Schonwald Land, Inc. we help our clients secure leases through a combination of careful research and excellent communication. We conduct preliminary title checks to determine ownership, then work with potential lessors in an open, transparent fashion to educate them about the benefits of developing their oil and gas rights. Once the lease has been executed we then represent our client and handle all follow-ups.

Our dedicated lease buyers are always ready to assist your in-house staff or take care of all of your lease records needs, always offering precision and detail. You can rely on us to review each lease in its entirety, and interpret all pertinent land administration data. While doing so we are always looking to eliminate vulnerability including obligation oversights and any missing data that could result in incomplete reporting.

At any time you can request reports in your desired format. All data in our system is exportable to be incorporated into your own system. We have worked hard to make our data compatible and our clients appreciate the readability and straight forwardness of our reports. Along with hard copies of your documents, we can send digital report exports to import into your own system.


Schonwald Land, Inc. has been around longer than many of our competitors. Over the years we have seen mapping evolve from the old way of hand to paper all the way to the now detailed universally translated adaptable mapping software.  We have not only evolved along with these changes but also embraced them. As we progress in the world of technology, we welcome future changes so that we can continue to offer our clients top of the line mapping services. Our expertly-trained staff will spend as much or as little time on your projects as you are comfortable with,  and we assure you the efficiency we have achieved over the years will produce a top notch product that you will be happy to use and present.

Due Diligence:

Due diligence is an essential requirement when acquiring, investing or the divestiture of properties.  It is crucial for you to know precisely what is being sold or purchased, its condition, and the commercial, technical and environmental risks involved.  You can count on Schonwald Land, Inc.’s due diligence services to help paint an accurate picture of the risks and risk mitigations involved, aiding your investment decisions with confidence. With so many large investments being made along with political and commercial complexity, we make sure to always keep our clients financially safe from unnecessary risk. Throughout the entirety of each project, from concept development through to project management, installation and operation, we evaluate data for comprehensiveness, relevance and reliability. Equipped with this information we provide you, you can then decide with assurance whether to negotiate, advance or not proceed.


Surface negotiations can prove to be a very challenging task, but our years of experience at Schonwald Land, Inc. proves our ability to build and maintain relationships with surface owners while continually meeting and exceeding our client’s goals. We offer all surface related services to successfully meet the ultimate goal of production.

Our surface operations team has both the technical expertise and the communication skills to successfully negotiate and settle surface damages and acquire additional surface agreements necessary to keep the rigs moving. Schonwald Land provides complete project management services anywhere our clients need us. Strategic vision and big-picture thinking allow our landmen to guide a project from conception to completion in strict accordance with schedule and budget.


When it comes to right-of-way projects we offer proven support with our qualified professionals, coast-to-coast access and unmatched attention to detail. Schonwald Land is a service provider who does it all, across the entire country. Our experts are experienced and understand pipeline, electric transmission and public project right-of-way needs (both interstate and multi-state projects). For right-of-way negotiations, acquisitions and more, get Schonwald Land on your side for every step of the project—whenever and wherever you need us.

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